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What To Consider When Buying A Refrigerator?

The world of refrigerators is vast, with various options available today. There are many things to look into ranging from the model, price to the features. When you set out to buy a new one, many concerns have to be addressed. Let’s talk about what you should consider before buying a new refrigerator, so that you may make a sound purchase decision.

1) Decide the model type you want to buy

The basic function of all refrigerators might be the same. But there are different foundational configurations of refrigerators available today. The orientation has to be chosen according to factors like space, ergonomic design, etc.


  • This kind is the most common type of model. It has a main fridge section below and a small freezer at eye-level, at the top. It has a basic design- not very high on style and doesn’t have additional features.

  • It is compact, costs the least and uses less energy.

  • Large items can be easily accommodated.

  • It offers limited storage for frozen items but works well with small spaces.

  • Try to look for customizable shelves for better organization of items


  • This is useful for people who consume more fresh produce than frozen items. It has a layout opposite to the top-freezer. The freezer is at the bottom and the chiller section is at the top that stores the fresh food, at eye-level. The bottom freezer, in this case, offers more space.

  • Frozen food is difficult to access.

  • Choose a freezer that works like a drawer and look out for baskets provided for better compartmentalization.

Side By Side

  • It has two narrow doors laid out side by side that open outwards. It doesn’t require much space for opening the doors. Both the freezer and chiller section are placed alongside each other. It is ideal for people who want access to both the freezer and the non-freezer zone at eye-level. It provides equal storage to both.

  • Buy if you have a narrow kitchen and want more frills like ice-makers, touch controls, etc.

  • It has narrow shelves and can’t store very large items in either of the main compartments.

  • It is especially useful for people who have physical issues and cannot bend or stand on a tool and need access to everything at eye-level.


  • This model is a combination of both the bottom freezer and the side by side type. Two doors open towards the user and the freezer is at the bottom. Some models also have an added middle drawer.

  • It is an upscale type with a wide variety of features and excellent compartmentalization.

  • This type is available in many colours and is on the expensive side.

  • It has a narrow door swing and the many divided compartments means less cold air escapes from the parts accessed.


  • This kind is different from the freestanding refrigerators discussed above. It is made to blend with the look of the kitchen.

  • It costs a lot due to its design and does not offer much depth.


  • This looks like an in-built model, but it protrudes slightly beyond the cabinet.

  • It doesn’t cost much and offers an integrated look at the same time.

  • It slightly compromises on the depth- the capacity is often lesser than other options.

2) Check the dimensions of the refrigerator
  • Before buying a fridge, checking the height, width and depth is of utmost importance, lest the fridge doesn’t fit into the allocated space.

  • Check how much space it takes for the doors to open. You should be able to open and walk past the refrigerator with ease.

  • It’s also important to check the entry points and what route the refrigerator will take when it enters the kitchen and prepare in advance for any impediments.

  • Don’t forget to leave some inches off the wall for better ventilation and warm air removal.

  • Check refrigerator details on the stickers on the door.

3) Check capacity and storage
  • Just because the dimensions are big, doesn’t mean the refrigerator is big. The capacity depends on factors like adjustable shelves, ice-makers and water dispensers, dedicated areas for storing drinks, etc.

  • Keep in mind the amount of frozen and fresh food you consume and accordingly allocate space to the freezer and the chiller section, respectively.

  • You can also invest in a small secondary fridge, especially for drinks, if you already have one fridge whose capacity is falling a little short.

4) Select the finish
  • The look of the refrigerator is important too, or it can spoil the aesthetics of your kitchen. The colour of the refrigerator should complement the tone of the entire kitchen cabinet.

  • You can choose from a variety of finishes ranging from blacks and whites to stainless steel etc.

  • On the higher end is the slate finish that avoids fingerprints and gives a matte look to the refrigerator.

  • For superior aesthetics, built-in styles that blend with the cabinets are the best bet.

5) Assess the unique features
  • Many new models of refrigerators have been introduced and every model comes with a different combination of features. See what features are a must-have for you, according to your lifestyle, family-size, use, etc.

  • Some features commonly opted for are adjustable shelves, cooling zones for poultry and meat, ice-makers, water-dispensers, etc.

  • Features like vacation mode, alarms are offered in hi-tech models. If you want more specialized features, expect to pay a premium.

  • Things worth looking into are the level of noise, the number of compartments, opening ease, the number of sharp edges if any, etc.

6) Look for discounts and perks
  • While shopping for refrigerators, keep an eye out for discounts. Many retailers offer benefits like bundles, gifts, free installation, free delivery, etc.

  • Lookout for the payment options available and whether you can pay in EMIs or not.

  • Compare the warranty offered on different products and check reviews of each, before making a purchase. Thoroughly research the products available and only then zero-in on a product.

7) Points for further consideration
  • Look for the Energy Star label on the refrigerator you wish to buy. This is a mark of energy efficiency, which reduces the operating cost in the long run. It also means that the refrigerator will have a reduced carbon footprint.

  • Invest in a refrigerator with smooth glass trays and racks instead of wire ones as they are easier to clean and don’t require maneuvering. To keep your fridge from smelling bad, remove all the items, unplug the fridge and then clean all the corners with bleach.

  • If you have children in the house, opt for a side by side model as it gives them easy access to everything stored.

  • Avoid buying two full-sized refrigerators as it will lead to unnecessary expenditure. Instead, focus on buying the right size and the right type.

  • If you aren’t able to fill up your freezer to its capacity, it can cause malfunctioning of the refrigerator. Fill it with plastic water containers to avoid compressor damage.

Make a note of all the points above, before you head out to buy a refrigerator. It will save you a lot of time, effort and money in the long run. To buy the best refrigerator that suits your specific needs and to get great advice, you can visit one of our premium retail outlets near you or call us at 8001279999 for assistance.