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Bosch Active Oxygen Technology – Explained

When it comes to laundry, the use of Active Oxygen helps in eliminating impurities as well as sanitizing clothes with the help of Oxygen in the form of ozone. We have all heard about the ozone layer protecting our planet. Similarly, when used in laundry, this ozone protects us by destroying all the bacteria in our clothes.

If you are curious to know which brands are using this technology, well, Bosch is the first to do so. The new Bosch washing machines Series 6 and Series 8 use Active Oxygen Technology that works on disinfecting all the bacteria in clothes up to 99.99%. The Active Oxygen washing method cleans your laundry gently and hygienically with minimal use of detergent.

Let’s understand this technology in detail:

Use of Active Oxygen Technology in Commercial Laundry Systems:

The traditional technique of washing clothes with hot water, detergent and bleach to disinfect clothes is known to all. With the evolution of technology,commercial laundry industries have slowly started shifting to Active Oxygen Technology which does not use hot water to wash clothes. It requires cold water, Oxygen and electricity to generate ozone gas molecules which help in cleaning clothes with minimal use of detergent. The colder the water, the easier it is for ozone molecules to stay stable and work their magic.

However, occasional stubborn stains will require hot water washing withbleaching agents for cleaning. As most of the stains are oil-based, they canonly be treated with hot water and detergent. But such stained laundrycontributes only to a small percentage of clothes being washed incommercial laundries.

The use of Active Oxygen Technology in commercial laundries has turned outto be more cost-effective as the amount of money and energy spent on hotwater generation and detergents have reduced drastically.

How Does Bosch Use Active Oxygen Technology?

As discussed in the beginning, in order to use the Active Oxygen method for washing clothes, one needs to generate ozone. Similarly, Bosch washing machines produce their ozone with the help of an inbuilt ozone generator. As soon as the washing cycle begins, the generator releases ozone gas into the machine's sealed drum. The generated ozone helps destroy harmful bacteria and disinfects your clothes via cold water wash.

In earlier models, the disinfection of clothes was possible if you used hot water wash. But Bosch has made it possible to disinfect clothes without theuse of hot water. All this is now achieved at low temperature with an additional cycle of 30 minutes.

Advantages of Active Oxygen Technology
  • Energy Efficient

    The ability of having your clothes disinfected without the use of any hot water is the most significant advantage of this technology. The use of Active Oxygen technology does increase the cycle time by an additional 30 minutes, but it is all worth it as you do not have to expend extra energy on hot water, thus making it an energy-efficient option for almost all households.

  • Sanitizes Clothes and Kills Bacteria up to 99.99%

    Active Oxygen is a natural substance, which gets generated when you select the Active Oxygen washing cycle in Bosch washing machines. It can be added to almost all washing programmes in the machine. As soon as the washing cycle starts, a cold Active Oxygen pre-treated mist is sprayed into your laundry, which does not include any chemicals.Towards the end of the washing cycle, there is another round of Active Oxygen mist sprayed to remove any remaining bacteria from your clothes. Overall, both treatments last for around 30 minutes, which removes the common bacteria or germs from your laundry. This double treatment is prevalent in Bosch Series 8 washing machines.

  • Water-Efficient

    The Active Oxygen cycle can be used to wash clothes without water as well. Clothes which need dry cleaning only or the ones that are made of delicate material can be cleaned using this cycle. The cycle uses colder water temperature as low as 20°C to clean up your delicate clothes. A fine mist of Active Oxygen is sprayed into the drum, killing germs at low temperatures.

  • Wash All Clothes Together

    Clothing items like undergarments, baby clothing, or any other delicate items that need separate washing can now be all washed together. The Active Oxygen cycle equally disinfects all your clothes without you having to worry about any leftover bacteria to transfer between clothes. You do not have to waste your time on washing certain items separately, thus reducing the number of wash cycles which in turn helps in cutting down your electric bills.

  • No Hand-Washing Clothes

    For all those who believe delicate clothes need to be hand-washed are definitely going to be relieved with the use of Active Oxygen Technology. As explained earlier, the bacteria in your clothes can be destroyed even at low temperature with the help of Active Oxygen cycle, thus giving you hygienic hands-free wash every single time.

  • Freshen Up Your Clothes via Active Oxygen Refresh

    Clothes that have been worn for a short duration may seem clean but not smell great. Under normal circumstances, you would want to wash them by hand with a little detergent or wait for your next laundry cycle. However, the Active Oxygen Refresh programme in Bosch washing machines can freshen up your clothes in like 45 minutes without the use of any detergent. This cycle is useful, especially for delicate fabrics which require only dry cleaning.

  • No Additives or Chemicals Used

    The best thing about Active Oxygen Technology is that it makes use of gas to cleanse your clothing. It is a neat way to clean and deodorize your clothes without making use of any external chemical agents. The gas molecules generated in the machine during the washing cycle get dissolved in the machine itself and do not leave any residue, making it an incredibly safe washing process.

  • No Side-Effects

    Active Oxygen is an eco-friendly natural substance generated inside the machine. Since it consists of oxygen molecules, it ultimately gets dissolved in the machine during the wash cycle and gives your laundry hygienic wash.

Bosch washing machines with Active Oxygen Technology use cutting-edge technology to deliver more intelligent and responsive machines. With great designs and technological improvements, Bosch endeavors to make their washing machines more efficient and easier to use. The usage of Active Oxygen Technology is prevalent in commercial laundry systems, and Bosch is one of the first manufacturers to bring this technology to your homes for domestic use, marking the beginning of a revolution. It will not be a surprise when all washing machine manufacturers would be investing in this technology.