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Between a window AC and a split AC, which one do you choose for your room?

A comprehensive comparison between a window AC and a split AC

There is nothing nicer than returning to your home at the end of the day to find warmth on a rainy day and coolness on very hot days, to forget the tiredness of the day while you enjoy relaxing on the sofa and the cool air-conditioning breeze caressing your senses. Perhaps your situation in the office or at work is not much different from this atmosphere, as the presence of an AC in your office room equalize the heat and gives you activity and vitality to continue your work, especially on the very hot and cold days that call for laziness.

Certainly, if you decided to buy an AC now, you will find in front of you a large fleet of different brands and ACs, in terms of : price, size, type and quality. Perhaps the first question the seller will ask you in the market is, do you want to buy a window AC or a split AC? What is meant by these two types? What is the difference between a window AC and a split AC?

A split AC differs from a window AC in several matters, the most important of which are: the ability to cool and heat, design, price, operational feasibility, and others. Due to their different characteristics and advantages, each of them has different uses from the other.

Split AC

This type of AC comes in the form of two parts separated from each other, so it is called a split; one of these two parts is installed inside the room in the ceiling of the room or attached to the wall. The other part is placed outside the room and contains the mechanical parts and refrigeration devices such as the compressor.

Unlike window air conditioning, which needs to make a hole in the wall with the dimensions of the AC itself, as for a split AC, it only needs a small hole for the passage of wires and pipes that connect the two parts of the AC.

The Split AC is characterized by its elegant design, which adds a touch of beauty to the room’s decor. It is also considered to be less energy consuming than a window AC, and there are additional advanced technologies that soften the atmosphere and facilitate its use. It is also durable and long-lasting, especially with the correct use and maintenance of cleanliness. In terms of calmness, it has low sound and does not cause any disturbance, and it is suitable for cooling large areas.

Window AC

This type of AC is called a Window AC, according to the way the AC is installed. The Window AC includes one unit that contains all the components of the AC. Among the advantages of this type of AC: that it is easy to install and maintain, as it has few faults and does not need periodic cleaning and maintenance, and is suitable for offices and rooms with a small area, as it covers small and medium spaces wonderfully, although its cooling is relatively less than a split AC. One of its most important advantages is that it is easy to install and transport from one place to another without affecting the performance of the AC. If you want to keep it for a long time, you have to wash it and fill Freon gas inside it from time to time.

Comparison between split AC and window AC

In order to help you make your decision to choose the best AC, we have prepared a comparison of the window and split ACs:

The Design

The design of the split AC is distinguished by its elegance compared to the window AC, as its design dictates the use of colors and spaces in a specific way. On the other hand, the simple window AC design gives it the advantage of easier transportation than the split AC, which requires recharging the AC at every dismantling, transportation and installation process.

The Space

A window AC requires more space than a split AC because it is installed in the window. Thus, it blocks the light in the daytime in most buildings , and is also a loophole and a security threat because of the opening of the walls close to the main window. As for the split AC, the indoor unit is installed on the wall of your room, while the outdoor unit is installed in a suitable place (maximum 6 meters away from it) outside the building.

The Cooling Power

The split AC is higher in terms of cooling power than the window AC. The cooling power of the window AC is in the range of 0.75 to 2.5 tons, while the split power can reach 0.80 tons to 3 tons. The split is the best AC in distributing the air according to the place where it is located.

Energy Saving

The window AC is the most efficient in saving energy, while the split AC has the highest electricity consumption. A special technology called an inverter for split devices has also been developed, which can save 40% of energy consumption.

AC Sound

The split AC is characterized by its quietness and low sound because the mechanical part of the AC is outside the room.


A window AC is easier to maintain than a split AC, as well as it is easier to install, as the installation of a split AC requires a specialized worker.

The Price

The price of a window AC is 10-20% cheaper compared to split ACs, because it needs to install two units - one indoor and the other outdoor.

The window AC vent in the window allows fresh air to enter the house and recirculate it with the cool air from the AC, keeping the carbon dioxide level in the room below 700 parts per million. As for the split, there is no 100% fresh air, therefore the carbon dioxide level in the room may rise.

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