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Benefits of Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaners

It’s no surprise that vacuum cleaners are the need of the hour today. Our lifestyles are fast-paced, which means there’s a lot of pollution and dust, that also enters our homes. If you live in a place that has a desert landscape, dust is bound to enter inner spaces. Thus, it becomes important to keep our homes clean. Vacuum cleaners are very useful as they use a suction method to remove dust and allergens from homes. There are many different types of vacuum cleaners available today. One of them is the very convenient hand-held vacuum cleaner. It is a smaller version of the traditional vacuum cleaner and reaches nooks and corners, which is something the conventional vacuum cleaner cannot do. Even though it is not ideal for cleaning large spaces at once, it can be a great accessory to your traditional cleaning routine. Let’s take a look at the various benefits of a hand-held vacuum cleaner.

1) They clean efficiently

Compared to other options like sweeping or using wet cloths, hand-held vacuum cleaners are extremely adept at cleaning a variety of surfaces. They don’t need any expertise to operate, just plug in and run the machine. In some battery-operated models, even that is not required. There are a number of easy-to-use settings on the cleaners. They clean faster too and have filters that render the air clean and make it free of allergens and dust. The disposal of garbage and dust is easy and depends on the model you purchase.

2) They have a small size

Since they are compact, they are extremely easy to carry around. Their size makes it easy for them to find their place in cabinets, garages, the laundry room or any other suitable corner. They are very useful for small apartments which don’t have much space for appliances. Hand-held vacuum cleaners also work well in cleaning tough unreachable spots, and can be handy if the corners of your house tend to get dusty or dirty.

3) They are light

It goes without saying that the small size of these appliances makes them light. They don’t have to be lugged around upstairs as they can easily fit into your hands. This feature makes this type of vacuum cleaners especially useful for the elderly who cannot bend and cannot exert too much energy like when pushing a bulky cleaner all around the house. They are easy to use and can even be operated by kids. They also reduce the chances of someone tripping over the cleaner as they are small and often come in a cordless variant.

4) They are ergonomic

These vacuum cleaners have all the physical specs you need to clean thoroughly. A proper handle is attached in all models giving the user a firm grip while cleaning. There is a wide range of settings available to the user. Different settings can be used for different surfaces to ensure optimum cleaning. Some types are cordless and battery-powered, which improves their portability. Others have elongated wires. No matter the type, they are still more convenient as compared to the traditional models.

5) They are suitable for quick clean-ups

You don’t have to reach out for your heavy vacuum cleaner every time there is a mess. And imagine if you have to spot-clean. The cleaner will take even more time as you will have to manoeuvre around the spot. On the other hand, a hand-held vacuum cleaner is great for quick clean-ups, wet or dry. Any inch of your house can be covered, with the help of other attachments.

6) They can be used anywhere

A hand-held vacuum cleaner can be used in a lot of places, where a regular vacuum cleaner cannot, especially when it comes to the cordless type. You can use it outdoors, for cleaning the insides of your car or cleaning your basement. You can take it with you on your travels and can even use it when you want to clear the sand off your tent. You can clean places like bookshelves that are installed at a height.

7) They are as good as their counterparts

They are small, but that definitely doesn’t mean they are less powerful. There is a complete range with different power capabilities available in the market. The power varies with each model and the size is not related to this aspect. Some also have an “auto-cut” feature that cuts the power once the appliance is fully charged, preventing energy wastage. They are versatile pieces of equipment and can clean anything and everything ranging from cobwebs, cabinets to car seats. All you need is a few attachments and accessories to amp up your cleaning.

8) They can help you with your lost things

A little known advantage of a hand-held vacuum cleaner is that it can help the user extract items that are lost or are lying in unreachable areas like in crevices or under the bed. These hand-held vacuum cleaners, along with pantyhose, pose a solution to your problems. The cleaner can suck the object in, while the pantyhose will prevent it from going inside the garbage bin. You will have your object in your hands in no time! You can even use attachments if you face similar situations and want to pull something out with your vacuum cleaner.

9) They are easy to maintain

There are many models that are bag-less. Just dump into the bin and you can start cleaning all over again. The filters are easily replaceable too. Cordless vacuum cleaners can be recharged quickly.

10) They don’t cost much

They don’t cost as much as others, whether you go for a robotic one or the upright one. Their lower price is an attractive feature. Even if you add attachments, the price may go up, but they will still give you a good worth of your money.

Vacuum cleaners, in general, have a ton of benefits, but hand-held vacuum cleaners are especially useful. Their small size is their USP and they can be used by both the young and the elderly. The important part to remember is to get rid of the garbage as soon as possible. You should try to prevent the dust from getting back into your household again. Once you are sure of the type of vacuum cleaner you need, you need to choose what functionalities you prefer. Hand-held vacuum cleaners come in many kinds. You can browse our catalogue and see what works best for you. Visit our retail outlets near you, or you can also call us at 8001279999 for any further queries.