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It’s All About the Little Things!

They say life is in the little things. Little pleasures and small gestures are what we resort to when showing we care. A majority of the time, these make the biggest difference in our lives and the lives of those we love. However, we rarely think of how the little things we do or sometimes don’t do happen to affect the environment around us and consume energy. So here’s a little truth bomb for you: Saving the environment is also about the little things!

You made your coffee, you took your prepped lunch out of the fridge and burned your tongue on a delicious piece of toast. You run after light switches, making sure you turn them all off. Your TV is off, your dishes are in the dishwasher and you’re a bit late.

You rush out the door wondering if you left the oven on but you know you didn’t so you just start off your day.

“Do you think she noticed?”, the red light on the coffee maker wonders.

“Seriously? She hasn’t noticed me in days and I’m not even doing anything. I could use a break right about now”, replies the screen saver on the PC.

Suddenly, all red lights enter a heated discussion. The microwave is angry, the TV is in dire need for a nap and the toaster has had enough. “I feel I’m out of breath”, the fridge complains to the dripping sink. “You’re out of breath? I’m literally drained so stop whining”, she replied.

You come back at the end of the day, exhausted. You walk into one dark room after another, with nothing but red dots blinking. You don’t give it a second thought. You turn the lights on, go to your fridge and take your dinner out. You shove it in your microwave, you turn the TV on and everything in your house comes to life.

We are all guilty of doing this every day. We play our part, we turn off the lights, make sure nothing is unnecessarily on. But we tend to forget about the little things. The tiny little red dots, the small drops of water or the thin air leaving our refrigerators seem like the most insignificant and yet are the most energy-draining and power consuming.

Saving energy is not that complicated.

It doesn’t take much. We just need to unplug when we can, and close tightly when we have to. Life is in the little things, and saving energy is no different. Little lights, little drops and little puffs of air are all it takes to save power.