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How to extend the life of your washer ?

The washer is one of the most expensive and most important household electrical appliances in every home, it is one of the things that is difficult for you to get along without it, especially if there are children or the number of family members is large, for example. So, we have some tips to help you make sure you will never have to so. We cannot imagine the amount of time and effort that an automatic washer can save on the housewife! Since it can need to be used almost daily, any malfunction or problem in the washer may be a nightmare for her, and therefore, there are some simple steps that you cannot miss to make you keep the washer for a longer period without having to change your washer from time to time, or call maintenance every month! Learn about the most important 5 important tips that will maintain and protect your automatic washer from problems and save you additional expenses for washer maintenance or buying a new one!

1. Do not fill the washer with more clothes than allowed

One of the most important tips to keep your washer from rapid damage is the commitment to put an amount of clothes appropriate to the permissible weight of the washer. Placing a lot of clothes will be a heavy burden and an additional load on the washer, thus straining the engine inside it and other parts, which reduces the efficiency of the automatic washer. While continuing to put additional loads of clothes in the washer, it will completely break down after a short period of time, so we recommend that you read the user manual that came with the washer well to know the maximum load that the washer can handle before using it.

2. Choose the right washing powder for the washer and the right amount of it

One of the things that play a major role in the malfunction of the internal parts of the washer is washing powder, as using poor types or types that are not suitable for your washer may lead to many problems, including: Excessive foam that requires the use of additional rinse cycles to remove excess soap, which means the washer will work for a while longer, thus reducing the life of the washer. In addition, it may cause an unpleasant smell to the automatic washer, or it may lead to the water not draining from the washer tub. Therefore, we advise you to review the user manual of the washer and also read the instructions on the washing powder package to ensure its suitability for your washer and the appropriate amount of washing powder that is needed in the washer according to the amount of clothes that will be washed.

3. Clean the washer regularly

Just as a washer cleans our clothes, it in turn needs cleaning from time to time. Experts estimate that it requires cleaning by running a full wash cycle without putting any clothes inside it once a month, or after every 30 washes.

Advice from the experts:

To get rid of any unpleasant odors in the automatic washer, use the "vinegar wash for automatic washer" cleaning method, which is as follows:

Add in ½ cup of white vinegar in the wash tub (the place where you put the clothes), and 2 tablespoons of baking soda in the detergent drawer (the location of the washing powder), then set the washer on a full cycle with hot water.

The drawer in which washing powder is placed is also one of the easiest places for mold to form. So, if it's the type that can be removed and installed, try removing it once every two or three months, cleaning it with hot soapy water, and drying it in the sun before installing it again.

4. Regularly check the washer tubes and filters

It is important to check the internal and external water tubes of the washer monthly to ensure that there are no cracks or protrusions that prevent water from flowing or leaking from the tubes, or the presence of calcification at their ends. You can loosen the ends of the tubes to clean the small filters inside, especially at the tap that supplies water to your washer.

As for the filter, many people do not know that there is a filter in the automatic washer, which is responsible for protecting the drain pump from damage due to : hair, coins, and small pins. It is recommended to clean the washer filter once every 3 months, and it is preferable to read the instruction booklet; because the cleaning instructions differ according to the type of washer, the manufacturer, and from one filter to another.

5. Move the laundry from the washer as soon as it is finished

Leaving wet clothes in the washer tub for a long time, may lead to the appearance of mold on the clothes or an unpleasant smell to the clothes (muzzling), which requires re-washing them again to get rid of the bad smell, which means additional time and effort wasted for you and the washer. On the other hand, it can lead to the growth of mold inside the washer itself, so always remove wet clothes from the wash tub immediately after the completion of the washing cycle to the place of drying, whether the dryer or the clothesline.

It is also important to leave the door of the washer open after the end of the washing cycle in order to ventilate the inner tub of the washer, and to ensure that there is no mold and unpleasant odors appearing on the clothes. For your convenience and to choose the best washer for you, you can visit our store to choose the washer that is right for you from a great selection of the best and finest international brands.