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How to choose the best TV holder and wall mount!

With the increasing technological and knowledge development day after day, the technical industries and device makers are developing very quickly, and televisions have been affected, of course, by this great technological change. So many shapes, types and models appeared different in their specifications, quality and techniques, and this was reflected in the emergence of thin TV screens that could be placed on the wall or the table or used in many areas. Thus it has become a great demand for consumers to acquire, and regardless of its quality and its wide advantages in use, its most important features are that it can be mounted on the wall using a wall mount or a TV holder, which reduces clutter and using a large area from the room to put the TV in. Rather, it gives you better viewing angles and in the case of children, for example, it is also safe against any potential shocks or impacts and thus is more practical than a regular TV, more economical and requires less maintenance.

Among the accessories and supplements when buying a TV screen, the use of a holder or wall mount to mount the TV screen on the wall, the holder comes in several forms, either in the form of a TV screen holder that mounts the TV on the wall, or in the form of a base placed under the TV to enable you to place the TV screen on the table.

In the beginning, it is important to see where you want to place the TV screen in terms of space and design, then determine the different viewing angles for the watch, then choose the appropriate holder for the TV screen and location. You are the one who chooses the right TV for you and thus chooses the appropriate holder for it. You can learn about the right TV for you in this article: How to choose the right TV for you.

The types of TV screen holder differ according to the movement, some types are fixed and used to mount the TV screen at a certain angle in the room, others are tilting, and the last type is the full-motion type that allows moving the TV screen to suit the viewer and the appropriate viewing angle for him.

TV screen fixed wall mount

It is a TV screen holder that mounts the TV screen on the wall, and it is the easiest type of holder to install, and most brands put it among the accessories for the TV screen when purchasing. As for the prices, it is the cheapest among all other types of TV screen holders, usually this type of TV screen holder contains fixed metal frames to mount on the wall. As for the viewing angle, it allows viewing with a wide range of vision both horizontally and vertically. Although it is a feature to save space in small rooms, at the same time it is a disadvantage because it does not allow the user to move the TV screen freely, because once the holder is mounted on the wall, and the TV screen is placed on it, it will become difficult to move the TV screen in any direction!

TV screen tilting wall mount

This type of TV screen holder is characterized by the installation of the TV screen on the wall with the ability to move slightly with a vertical viewing angle up and down only, ranging between 5-15 degrees.

It is also the ideal choice for TV screens that are placed high on the wall such as: the bedroom wall, above the fireplace or in the meeting room. The tilt also helps reduce glare and reflections from lights and windows and helps to move the TV screen for quick and easy cable changes. As for the price, it is more expensive compared to the fixed TV screen holder and at the same time closer than the prices of the full-motion mount screen holder.

Full-Motion Mount

Despite the variety of shapes of the full-motion mount screen holder, all of them allow the user to control all viewing angles, and give you complete control over the directions of your TV screen, as you can move it in the four directions up, down, right, and left, as it connects between the TV screen and the wall through a movable arm (TV screen holder or wall mount) that enables you to move it closer to the wall or away from it.

The first type of the Full-Motion holder is: a movable holder with an arm, one of its advantages is that it allows the viewer the freedom to move the TV in a circular motion to the right and left to a range of approximately 60 degrees. An option that is more suitable for kitchens or large living rooms, as it has a visibility of 15-20 degrees up and down.

The second type is the ceiling mount, which is one of the best holders ever in saving space, and is used for large TV screens; therefore you will always find it in shops, cafes, restaurants, hospitals... and other large places.

As for the third type of TV screen holder, it is the simple movable TV screen holder, which mostly comes in the form of a base, placed under the TV, and enables you to move the TV screen in several directions freely, so it is used for smart TV screens that are placed on the table. Most of the time, TV screen manufacturers provide this holder as an accessory with the TV screen where you can find it in the carton with the TV screen.

In the end, choosing the best TV screen also means taking into account several important things when buying a TV screen holder, including: the size and weight of the TV screen and whether the holder can hold the TV screen, and the other thing is where to put the receiver and wires and whether the holder allows you to access them or not.