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Bosch Home Appliances

Gives back to the environment, gives back what you spent

The average home causes more air pollution then an average car. Most of the energy we use in our homes comes from powerplants which burn fossil fuels to power our electronics. Burning these fossil fuels causes air pollution and contributes to global warming. Our contribution to the environment no matter how small now, will prove to be significant in the long run.

Energy efficiency lies at the core of Bosch Appliances. You will recognize the most efficient models by the “Green Technology Inside” signet. With them, you save money while saving the environment at the same time.

Responsibility at the touch of a button. Bosch home appliances

All Bosch home appliances are manufactured with particular care for resources. It starts before production and only ends when the packaging material has been recycled. You'll recognize the most efficient models by the "Green Technology inside" signet. With them, you can take responsibility for the environment at the touch of a button as you do the housework.
Bosch home appliances
Green Technology inside

Green Technology inside, fly the flag for sustainability

Bosch home appliances are amongst the most efficient and economical in the world. That's good for the environment and for your wallet.

Optimal Usage of water & detergent

Bosch appliances have been built to be extremely economical when it comes to water and detergent usage. Their flagship washing machine iDOS, uses the exact amount of detergent needed to wash the load even if the detergent container is filled to the brim. Bosch Dishwashers on the other hand, use only 8-10 liters per wash cycle. That along with the half load function, saves you both money and energy.
Saving water

2 Year Warranty

When you buy any product from Redsea by Abdul Latif Jameel your purchases are covered by Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics' 2 year Warranty. For certain parts such as compressors or motors, your warranty period maybe up to 10 years.