Bosch Dishwashers - Triple Hygiene

    Play it hygienic.

    Skip washing dishes by hand and switch to Bosch dishwashers. With options such as HygienePlus, ExtraRinse and Machine Care, your dishes will be hygienically clean, and your home extra safe from germs and bacteria.

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    Perfect hygienic cleaning at the touch of a button: HygienePlus.

    Give your dishes a superior hygienic clean by selecting the HygienePlus option, which cleans your dishes with water heated to 70°C. Ideal for households with small children or allergy sufferers.

    Eliminate limescale and grease deposits in the machine: Machine Care.

    Additional special care program to thoroughly clean your empty dishwasher, for more hygienic results. Just place the machine care detergent in the basket and activate the Machine Care program.

    ExtraRinse, for extra hygiene.

    Additional rinsing for perfect detergent and rinse aid removal: ExtraRinse.

    Why wait for a full load when you have Half Load.

    If you have only a few items to wash (e.g. glasses, cups, plates), you can switch to “Half Load”. This will save water, energy and time. It is recommended to put a little less detergent in the dishwasher, for the perfect hygienic results.